Integration means to speak like the others.

Can you speak five minutes – in English please. And write your text although in the internet. Some words about an Indian newspaper … Dear Sikhs, will do so (though).

Dear guests

let me try to speak to in English. My mother tongue is Bernese German. In this part, in Langenthal (long Valley) we speak a dialect like this. There are three important things in Langenthal.

1. We are average
2. We are central on all ways
3. We are multicultural

To the average: Langenthal is the average of Swiss people. And average is a mathematic figure build by large and small, poor and rich. But no person is average, everybody is special.

We are central on the transit way within Switzerland, within Europe and within the whole world. But everybody has his central place. Now in the moment, it is in the Sikh temple. The central place all people is the place, were they are at home, were they are happy.

We are multicultural in our town. Three churches (under law of the canton), perhaps once a minaret, one temple and about then free-churches. We live together, most time friendly and in good neighbourhood in our Christian culture. And the best for you Sikhs is, if you will be very well integrated in Switzerland. The best way, is to know the language spoken on the place.

Dear Karan Singh, I have you a gift. The New Testament. Not that you have to change your religion. But our Bible you can get although in English, in Pundschab or in German – it is a help by translation. My Bible is in Bernese German, try to understand this language. In one year I like to speak with you only in our language. Learn in the Bible and learn from your children Swiss German, not only High German or English – or if you stay in a other region within Switzerland, then speak French or Italien.

On the end of the speech who was a little bit longer I changed my turban (a gift from the Sikhs) to my really French beret. That is my culture – in our student association I’m called Beret …

… and next, you will find the pictures you asked me to place for you and the Indian Newspaper …


… turbans (jpg large)


people on the ceremonie


Bhaiharnek Singh Rajpura and Bhai Sukhdev Singh performing Keertnatgurdu (Keyboard) (jpg large – music 1)

music 2

(as large jgp)

Stephan Marti-Lanolt with turban

(sml jpg large)

Test and most fotos: Stephan Marti-Landoltfinanzblog

Übersetzungshilfe – sie dürfen ruhig etwas schmunzeln – mit dem (Brillen)-Bügel ist hier eigentlich der Tempel gemeint …

Ein Gedanke zu „Gurdwarasahib“

  1. Eine Postkarte die ich erhalten habe, möchte ich nicht vor enthalten:

    «Herr Marti, Sie haben es gut gemacht mit der Übergabe einer Bibel an die Leute im Sikhs Tempel! Zittern nützt nichts vor Ihnen, handeln ist besser, das macht auch UNSERE Kirche stärker.»

    Name der Absenderin bekannt.

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